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  1. Really enjoyed your website picture gallery! I had to chuckle at the pictures of all the puppies with their ears done. I have had 3 Min-pins and loved them all. May be looking for one in the spring.

  2. Loved your website. Very informative but disappointed that no posting or info on current/available litters. Beautiful pictures of incredible dogs! Unbelievable craftsmanship in your custom quilts.

  3. Hello, I am looking for a male red min pin. When will you have one available? And are you able to still get them docked?

  4. Just got my boy Ryker from Mightymite Miniature Pinschers. He has an amazing temperament and is so loving! Bonnie’s great & so knowledgeable .

  5. These are the most stunning quilts I have ever seen. My Min Pin is 17, I’d like to get a puppy next year and hopefully Lola can meet the new pup.
    Maddy & Lola, Pincher Creek, Alberta

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