Dinarth Vision Mightymite

                                                                       Whelped: 06/17/2021


Achievements:  Mightymite welcomes Vision to Canada. He is a grandson of a dog i exported to the UK.


Pedigree of “Dinarth Future Vision for Mightymite, aka Vision “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: Hawksflight Code Breaker At Valdetta UK Ch. Hawksflight He Who Dares Collypins Lickety Split
Hawksflight Paint The Town
UK Ch. Mightymites Go Get It For Hawksflight Can Ch. Sanderlin Bold Attraction
AméCan Ch. Mightymites Steal YouWithHello
DAM: Hawksflight White Russian  UK Ch. Estivals Airbourne Magic UK Ch Torilea Solo Edition
Bellpins Herbalious At Estival
Petaz Lousiana To Hawksflight Hawksflight It A Boy Thing Petaz
Audrus Golden Charm Petaz